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$6.2480 25,172.48 1.46%
$5.3600 11,102.82 3.73%
$38422.9 6,859.83 0.91%
$224.20 2,343.09 0.00%
$69.82 1,530.81 0.00%
$58.340 1,373.95 0.00%
$2021.68 99.12 -0.15%
$0.73428 0.00 0.00%
Market Price 24h Trading Volume 24h Change Action
Why Choose Us?
Comprehensive protection with security and law funds
Gate.HK protects your funds with both
centralized and decentralized methods. It is also the first exchange to invest millions in security and law funds to add extra protection for your assets.
Efficient trading and instant deposit/withdrawal
As an established exchange with cutting-edge technology, Gate.HK offers an efficient and convenient trading system as well as an instant deposit and withdrawal service.
Stable and reliable
Gate.HK leverages on the experience of its technology team with over 10 years of experience to ensure stability and reliability of its platform. Gate.HK will constantly explore innovative technologies to offer you the best trading experience.
Institutional grade service
Gate.HK has partnered with industry-leading service providers to and complies strictly with legal requirements and fights against financial crime. We are continuously committed to being open, transparent, fair, and cooperative, to provide you with institutional grade services.
Help Center
  • How to deposit funds?

    Go to "Wallet" - "Deposit" on Gate.HK website. Follow the instructions and provide the needed information. Then transfer the funds to the deposit address.
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